Stromectol Ivermectin Tablets for Humans

Stromectol is an anti-parasite oral prescription drug belonging to a class of medications known as Anthelmintics. Its generic name is ivermectin. Ivermectin treats parasitic infections like intestinal strongyloidiasis, human scabies (If prior treatment has proven futile), or ones caused by the mosquito-transmitted Wuchereria bancrofti.

How does Stromectol Ivermectin differ from other Antiparasitic drugs?

Stromectol differs from Emverm and Vermox (Other mebendazole-based anthelmintics) by treating infections caused by threadworm alongside whipworm and pinworm. Stromectol requires swallowing as Emverm and Vermox are broad-spectrum chewable anthelmintics. Stromectol kills the parasites by binding to their nerves and cells. Emverm and Vermox mainly interact with anti-seizure medications as Stromectol has adverse interaction with alcohol.

What makes Stromectol tablets worthwhile?

Ivermectin is not addictive. It is a single dose taken orally on an empty stomach with a glass of water an hour or two before a meal. One can crush the tablets for children below the age of 6 years. The frequency of taking will depend on your immunity, response, or doctor’s directives. Some persons may need to take it a year or months later. Others, especially the immune-compromised individuals, may be required to take more than a single dose.

Stromectol Benefits
Every medication has its benefits and risks. It is critical to consult a doctor who weighs the benefits over risks of prescribing Stromectol tablets. Stromectol might bring side effects such as headache, mild rashes on the skin, nausea, diarrhea, or dizziness. One should call the doctor immediately if they experience extreme side effects such as:

• Metal problems like confusion, passing out, seizure (convulsions), lightheadedness,

• memory problems, or keeping body balance;

• Red or painful eyes, or if there is a noticeable effect on vision;

• Breathing problems and racy heartbeat;

• Pain in neck, stomach, back, or joints. Fever and swollen lymph nodes, hands or feet;

• Loss of bladder or anal sphincter control; or

• Severe rashes with pus.

The side effects might differ from a person to another, as this is not the complete list of all the side effects. Taking alcohol alongside Stromectol can intensify some of its side effects. In most cases, patients may face mild and transient side effects. Persons who buy Stromectol online should report any side effect or overdose to a doctor.

Who should consider purchasing Stromectol tablets for humans?

Doctors contraindicate Stromectol for children who have not attained 15 kgs (33 lbs.). Also, pregnant and lactating mothers should only use it with a guideline from a doctor. Persons who have had medical conditions like liver and kidney or Loa loa filariasis should use a different drug. Stromectol has adverse drug interaction with drugs like diethylcarbamazine citrate (DEC) and warfarin. Individuals on lymphatic Filariasis and blood clot treatment should refrain from using Stromectol tablets. Any individual allergic to ivermectin or ones suffering from an immune-compromising illness like cancer or HIV/AIDS should notify the doctor before the prescription. Persons who are not in the above restrictions are free to take Stromectol according to their physician’s guidelines.

Where can one buy Stromectol tablets? How much do they cost?

With a prescription, one can buy Stromectol tablets online or purchase them from any local pharmacy. The drug comes as round 3mg tablets with MSD engraved on one side and 32 on the backside. Generic Stromectol retails at around $29.72 to $54.45 for a pack of 10 pills on online pharmacies. This price includes the discount and excludes the shipping fee required for most online pharmacies. The medication is likely to be cheaper in local pharmacies. Stromectol tablets should stay in a cool and dry place that is out of reach of children.

What do users of Stromectol tablets report?

Customers have reported positive feedback on the efficacy of Stromectol tablets. Customers experience few or no side effects. The drug kick into effect roughly after five hours stays at full strength for 18 hours. The effectiveness lasts up to 12 days for each dose killing all bugs and hatching ones.